Pusa Basmati Rice

Pusa Basmati Rice

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Pusa Basmati Rice:-

Pusa Basmati Polished White Rice of current year Specification:-
Origin: India
Moisture:                         13%
Avg. length before cooking: 7.2 mm. to 7.4 mm, 
Whiteness:                       38-40 KETT
Broken:                           1% maximum, 
Length to Breadth Ratio:   4.5 or above, 
Damaged & Discolored Grains: Nil,
Paddy Grain: Nil, 
Black grains: Nil,
Grain:                           Long, thin and slender 
Taste:                          Naturally sweet
Aroma:   Contains marked degree of natural aroma both in raw and cooked state.